What is Success?
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mark-erwin-booksMany years ago, I heard the old saying, “In life we all strive to move from survival, to success, to significance and finally to legacy.” It is never too early or too late to begin your pursuit of a life of extraordinary success. History is full of examples of people of all ages moving from an ordinary life to one of remarkable success. What do you want most? Is it money, fame, power, contentment, personality, peace of mind, happiness? While most of the population of the world struggles just to survive, the majority of Americans have the luxury of striving for success.

Success is whatever you decide it is, so only you can determine if you have achieved it. Money and material things are essential for freedom of body and mind, but for some the greatest of all riches can be counted only in terms of lasting friendships, great family relationships, empathy for others and peace of mind through faith values.

Seeking success is a personal quest. Only you can determine your journey and it will be the most critical decision you will ever make. Being successful does not define you as much as it is an enabler, revealing who you really are.

While many of your fellow travelers in life will simply forgo the opportunity to set their own destiny and will more or less become a bobbing cork on the sea of life, it is my hope that the powers and secrets contained herein will inspire you to follow your own path to success as you define it.

The remarkably successful people I have known both personally and through the stories they have left behind are in every field including business, education, politics, writing, acting, religion and many more. They come in all types, sizes and shapes. I have learned that physical traits have little relationship to success. The trait they all share in common a sense of destiny and purpose.

Most, but not all remarkably successful people came from difficult beginnings.  How many stories have we heard about overcoming poverty, abuse, broken homes and more from successful people? Some people are driven by an intense desire to succeed while others are driven by a deep-seated fear of failure.

In this book, you will read quotes and aphorisms that have endured long after their authors passed into the great beyond. The reason these sayings live on is that they represent the highly refined, pressed down and distilled essence of truth and wisdom. The best wisdom is never complex. The difficulty always comes from the human trait of over-complicating everything.

If you decide to set your course for a life of remarkable success, no matter what the field, this volume contains lessons and secrets that can help you on your journey.

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